SCULPTRA now available in Harley Street, London & Enfield with Harley Cosmetic London

The subtle non-surgical Butt re-shape and contour treatment

Do you want subtle results with natural longevity?

Do you want a more shapely bum?

Then Sculptra is for you. This non-surgical butt lift enhances the buttocks shape and improves the contour giving a more lifted look. Sculptra is FDA approved its Dermal Fillers enhance your curves giving you the desired heart-shape buttocks.

Sculptra differs from many other hyaluronic acid fillers as it works with your body’s own production of collagen. This is very important for our clients who prefer non man-made fillers. The benefit of this treatment is that it has minimal downtime and you can see results as early as 6 weeks! This is even improved after the second treatment. To obtain your desired look and most effective results most patients require between 2-4 sessions.

In 1 ½ to 2 hours it makes this treatment so convenient! A walk in treatment! Thus significantly saving you money in comparison to other treatments such as buttock implants and fat transfer. Please note it is always important to have a top up treatment after 2 years as it can break down in the body over years.