POST SURGERY SCARRING with Andrew Hansford

Andrew focuses his treatments mainly on post-operative scarring, burns and skin problems. Using techniques that are less traumatic to the skin and allow for patient comfort and care. He teaches nationally and internationally on many forms of aesthetic medicine and utilizes everything he learns in his practice.

Andrew’s knowledge of the skin and its functions is varied and extensive. He is extremely ethical and always honest.

He is the national trainer for: Radio Frequency, IPL, Laser, MESOTHERAPY, Medical Needling  and advanced aesthetic medicine. Plus a sought after lecturer on the medical circuit.

He uses combination treatments to gain the desired results, in one session or course he always explains everything in detail to ensure the client is fully aware of what protocols are needed and the desired outcome expected.

Andrew is the writer and educator or accredited programs following the new HEE rules due to be enforced later in 2018.

Andrews other specialities:

  • Anti Aging
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Striae (stretch marks)
  • Age Spots
  • Hyper and hypo pigmentation
  • All forms of acne including Rosacea
  • Skin health from the inside out

Medical Needling

Medical Needling is a unique and innovative new technique to enhance the appearance of your skin and body without the need for invasive surgery. This fractional micro-needling treatment inject the skin at such speed it tricks the nerve endings into not registering pain a thing other needling devices are known for. It creates a micro trauma targeted areas of skin, helping to stimulate collagen production and prompt the skin to rejuvenate itself. This treatment, available from Mr Andrew Hansford can be very effective for improving areas of the skin affected by signs of age, scarring, and other aesthetic issues.

Conditions Treated:

  • Collagen Induction
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Skin Rejuvenation
  • Breakouts (Acne)
  • Aging
  • Enlarged Pores
  • Ultra Violet Damage
  • Scaring (post operative)
  • Hypopigmentation
  • Striae (Stretch Marks)
  • Alopecia
  • Rosacea
  • Seborrhoea (Oily Skin)

Advanced Mesotherapy and Biorevitalization

Facial mesotherapy is a skin rejuvenation procedure that has been used in dermatology and aesthetic medicine for some time. It is a non-surgical skin treatment that involves using micro injections of pharmaceutical and homeopathic medications, plant extracts, vitamins already found in the skin.

Facial mesotherapy has many benefits; it helps to fight natural sagging and aging of the skin, helps to improve the appearance of wrinkles, and leaves the skin feeling rejuvenated and toned

Conditions treated:

  • Skin Laxity
  • Tightening
  • Pigmentation
  • Stretch Marks
  • Cellulite
  • Hydration
  • Eyes
  • Hair restoration - hair loss - Alopecia

Advanced Peels.

Peels have a hard time sometimes. But the right product produces amazing results. Each client is different so different products and protocols need to be chosen. Downtime with some peels is quite extensive and often not necessary.

Conditions Treated:

  • Superficially to moderately damaged skin
  • Smokers skin
  • Young with oils tendency
  • Acne – any age
  • Body
  • Hands - decollatage
  • Pigment concerns