Plasma Fibroblast Pen Treatment in Harley Street, London & Enfield with Harley Cosmetic London


We are beyond excited to introduce you to our wonderful non surgical eye lift, the Plasma Fibroblast Pen in Harley Street. An innovation skin tightening procedure, now available at Harley Cosmetic London, Harley Street. Our new non-surgical approach which is dedicated to perfecting of ageing of the skin in numerous areas.

This non-invasive  treatment is carried out using a new masterpiece method called ‘Fibroblast’.

The Plasma Fibroblast Pen treatment is available in both our Harley Street, London and Enfield locations.


Various grid points are placed to the skin by using a tiny sterile plasma probe. 

Due to the variety and arrangement of the points, the energy produced can reduce excess skin; the result being that the skin area concentrated on is visibly tightened. The small ’Fibroblast’ plasma flash, in addition to its evaporation effect, simultaneously exerts a curative and tissue-tightening effect. This will ensure scarless and rapid  healing.

The elasticity of the skin is then improved and a distinctive tightening is made possible to the area treated.


One of the amazing advantages of Plasma Fibroblast Pen in Harley Street is that it offers a much less expensive/invasive alternative to cosmetic surgery as well as the time it takes to carry out including the aftercare. This does not by any means mean there is no downtime, but by a huge comparison it is minimal.

You can experience significant discomfort swelling in the area treated (which is understandable), particularly around the eye area which does diminish over a 2-5 day period with each day getting better. The tiny plasma flash causes ‘crusts’ very superficially to form on the skin giving the distinctive dotted effect. These on strong average are gone between 5-7 days.

They may also be covered over to reduce their visibility, with out recommendation of Lycogel foundation, which is an antibacterial coverage. These are cosmetic issues only, technically there is no real downtime if these visual effects are of no concern to you.


An amazing alternative to a facelift:

  • a non-surgical face treatment
  • has very little downtime (lunch break)
  • gain immediate results
  • no cutting or stitches to the skin
  • no major trauma other than very superficial scabbing to the skin
  • treatment time between 1-2 hours, depending on the area

The areas we can clinically treat:

  • around the eyes due to lose upper eye lid skin
  • droopy, sagging eyes
  • General wrinkles around the face
  • Frown lines, most common on the Glabella
  • Sagging skin around the face/nasal folds and jawline
  • Uneven skin from pigmentation/acne scarring
  • Loose skin
  • skin tags, around the face and body