Harley Street History

Harley Cosmetic London's Harley Street Clinic with Board Certified SurgeonsAbout Harley Street

Located in Marylebone, Central London, Harley Street has been known since the 19th Century for being the heart of the medical sector. Private specialists in the medical industry use Harley Street as their base, giving you access to a range of surgical & non-surgical procedures.

A brief timeline of Doctors in Harley Street


The Street Was Named

The street got it's name from Thomas Harley who was the Lord Mayor of London at the time.


20 doctors

Records show the street had around 20 doctors during 1860.


80 doctors

In just 40 years, the number of doctors practicing in Harley Street quadrupled.


200 doctors

Records showed the number of doctors increase to almost 200 in just 14 years.


1,500 doctors

The National Health Service (NHS) was established and around 1,500 private doctors practicing in Harley Street.


Over 3,000 working in Harely Street

More than 3,000 people employed in Harley Street today in clinic, medical and paramedical practices and hospitals in the Harley Street area.


Harley Street home of Harley Cosmetic London

Harley Street is the home of Harley Cosmetic London and we are proud to bring all of the Harley Street treatments and procedures for affordable prices allowing access for everyone to have procedures that only the rich famous had previously.

We bring modern day medicine and high quality treatments to the as many people as possible.